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Tweets could become accurate, relevant news, says Elon Musk

It would be like an old-school version of The Economist or Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" when Jon Stewart ran it. Elon Musk called Twitter a relevant and accurate news source.

Musk appeared to be preparing to take over the company from Musk in a Twitter thread Sunday night. A lawsuit filed by Twitter seeks to force the billionaire tech mogul to implement a deal that he entered into with Twitter on April 25 for $44 billion, or $54.20 per share, to purchase the social media platform.

“It sure is hard to find a news source that’s accurate, relevant & not totally depressing!” Musk wrote on July 31. “Old-school version of The Economist & Jon Stewart Daily Show/Colbert Report were great.”

On May 2, Musk said Twitter software should be made available to the public for review, so as to rid the platform of bots and scams. Approximately 20% of Twitter's daily active users are fake or spam accounts, he estimates.

The actual figure, Twitter claimed in May, was less than 5 percent, but they refused to provide evidence. Musk was bound by contract to close the deal, and the company called such fake account claims a distraction.

2 August 2022


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