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Trump reverses environmental rules renewed by Biden Administration

Photo Source: (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

As a result of the Trump administration's slashing of environmental regulations, the White House announced this week that it will restore these regulations.

“The United States can’t compete and prosper if a bureaucratic system holds us back from building what we need,” Trump said at the time, calling the federal approval process “outrageously slow and burdensome.”

Biden administration finalized a rule on Tuesday requiring federal agencies to evaluate all environmental impacts when making major decisions, including highway, pipeline, and well constructions.

In addition, the White House stated that the rule change reinstates the government's ability to determine a project's "purpose and need" and establishes NEPA regulations as a "floor rather than a ceiling."

“We are encouraged to see the Biden administration take action to restore this bedrock environmental protection. NEPA plays a critical role in keeping our communities and our environment healthy and safe, and Donald Trump’s attempts to weaken NEPA were clearly nothing more than a handout to corporate polluters,” Sierra Club National Director of Policy Leslie Fields said in a statement.

21 April 2022

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