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The Governor’s Race in Virginia ends with McAuliffe losing to Youngkin

Photo Source: Associated Press

Democratic former Gov. Terry McAuliffe conceded in the Virginia gubernatorial race to Republican Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin on Wednesday. Following the announcement by multiple news outlets shortly after midnight, he publicly acknowledged his GOP opponent's victory.

“While last night we came up short, I am proud that we spent this campaign fighting for the values we so deeply believe in,” McAuliffe said in a statement. “We must protect Virginia’s great public schools and invest in our students.”

“We must protect affordable health care coverage, raise the minimum wage faster, and expand paid leave so working families have a fighting shot,” he continued. “We must protect voting rights, protect a woman’s right to choose, and, above all else, we must protect our democracy.”

“While there will be setbacks along the way, I am confident that the long-term path of Virginia is toward inclusion, openness, and tolerance for all,” he added.

In recent months, Youngkin gained momentum on the campaign trail, despite entering the race as a slight underdog. His victory speech in the early hours of Wednesday morning promised to transform the Commonwealth.

“Together, we will change the trajectory of this commonwealth, and, friends, we are going to start that transformation on day one,” Youngkin said.

He continued, “It’s time for Virginia to be the place where everyone wants to live, not leave, a place where the relentless pursuit for a better life for prosperity is not burdened or blocked by self-interested politicians who are more focused on their futures than those they were elected to serve.”

03 November 2021


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