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Starbucks stores now seeking unionization at more than fifty locations

In the immediate aftermath of workers at a Buffalo, N.Y., store first voting to unionize last month, workers at Starbucks have petitioned to unionize across more than 50 locations.

According to Workers United, an affiliate of SEIU who's organizing the Starbucks drive, 15 more Starbucks locations have filed for union elections with the National Labor Relations Board.

It has recently been announced that 54 Starbucks locations in 19 states have petitioned to unionize, showing how rapidly the organizing effort is spreading.

Employees at Starbucks have been asked to fight unionization. According to the coffee chain, unions should not come between the company and its workers, but it committed to "respecting the legal process" and bargaining with good faith with the Buffalo store which decided to unionize on a 19-8 vote.

Rossann Williams, the company's president of retail for North America, wrote to employees that she hopes union representatives will also attend the table with good faith, respect, and positive intentions.

1st Feb 2022

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