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Senate gun bill passes the House, going to the president desk

Taking up a controversial gun omnibus package passed by the Senate, the House voted 24 June to approve it, sending the measure to President Joe Biden, where it is likely to be approved.

Almost all Republicans voted along party lines, except for a few who broke with their party.

On Capitol Hill, senators have expressed mixed reactions to the proposed legislation, which was brought forth after a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that left 19 children and two adults dead.

Republicans particularly liked a measure that allocated $15 billion to increasing school security and mental health care access. Proponents claim that the Medicare drug rebate program will save the federal government $21 billion by delaying its implementation.

“Washington has yet to recognize that it is the author of the devastation we confront,” Bishop said, “and Washington is still failing to grapple with the core issue.”

24 June 2022


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