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Russia be expelled from the United Nation Security Council, Zelenskyy demands

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president, told the U.N Security Council on Tuesday that Russia should be expelled from the U.N over atrocities committed near Kyiv.

Ukraine's leader called for the UN to take action and called on the Russians to be held accountable. Ukrainian officials accused Russian forces over the weekend of torturing and slaughtering civilians in Bucha, which Moscow categorically denied, accusing the Ukraine government of staging a provocation.

“Now the world can see what Russian military did in Bucha, but the world has yet to see what they have done in other occupied cities and regions of our country,” Zelenskyy said, adding that the U.N. Security Council should “dissolve” altogether if it doesn’t take action against Moscow.

The Russian position on the Security Council should be abolished, he said. The only permanent members are the United States, China, France, the United Kingdom, and Russia.

“We are dealing with a state that is turning the veto [in] the U.N. Security Council into the right to die,” Zelenskyy said in his address. “This undermines the whole architecture of global security and allows them to go unpunished.”

5 April 2022


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