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Republican Party of Texas votes on holding a secession referendum

Texit, a movement to secede from the United States, was on the agenda for the Texas GOP delegates earlier this month, who urged the state legislature to put the issue on the ballot in 2023.

Secession has long been a theme for Texans due to their rough-and-tumble independence, and the Republican conference from June 16 to 18 raised it once again.

There is growing tension over federal overreach in America, and now Texit is gaining a lot of momentum amid the polarized political landscape.

At the convention the party platform contained a “plank” under the heading of “State Sovereignty,” stating federal legislation infringing upon the rights of Texas should be opposed and nullified.

The state sovereignty platform item wasn’t new, but the call to put Texit on the ballot was. The “plank” urged the state legislature to pass a bill requiring a referendum on the issue in the 2023 general election.

30 June 2022


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