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NBSA membership terminated by Minnesota school boards after ‘domestic-terrorism’ letter

The Minnesota School Board Organization (MSBA) has dropped out of the National School Boards Organization (NBSA), following a rising number of states that have done so in the wake of a well-publicized Biden administration letter that compared concerned parents to domestic terrorists.

A letter from the nonprofit group addressing school board chairs and superintendents dated Jan. 4 stated, "The MSBA Board of Directors voted last week to cancel our affiliation with NSBA."

It follows after the National School Boards Association (NBSA) addressed President Joe Biden in a letter (pdf) on Sept. 29, 2021, describing disturbances at school board meetings as "a type of domestic terrorism and hate crime." The group also encouraged the federal govt to use terrorist laws to quiet "enraged crowds" of parents who want to hold school authorities responsible for teaching Marxist critical race theory and putting COVID-19 limitations on their children, such as mask regulations.

Schneidawind said the decision “was not taken lightly,” noting that MSBA plans to form a new Consortium of State School Boards Associations (COSSBA) alongside the other 18 state school board associations who have terminated their memberships with the NBSA.

12 Jan 2022


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