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Kamala Harris promised Sunday to reduce detention space for Illegal migrants

“I’m undocumented … I can’t vote …What can we do during this election to help make sure that we get you elected?” asked Astrid Silva, who was brought into the United States as a child by her illegal migrant parents.

Harris promised Sunday to reduce detention space for migrants as she asked an illegal immigrant activist to help Joe Biden win the election.

Kamala Harris's comments could be a coded message to would-be illegal immigrants and their supporting legal immigrant family members.

Harris also claimed that President Donald Trump demonized immigrants: “We have seen in the era of the current president a kind of biting criticism, the kind of hatred, and the denigration of immigrants in this horrific way.”

But a Washington Post poll in April showed that Latinos are the strongest advocates for an almost complete halt to legal immigration during the coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis.

CTM News

Nov 2, 2020


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