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Jackson's views on critical race theory raise questions during confirmation hearings

Photo Credit: By Wikicago

President Biden's nominee for the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, attended Harvard Law School at the same time as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), with whom he says he had, despite their differing views, a friendly and cordial relationship.

On the second day of Jackson's confirmation hearing before the Senate Judicial Committee, Cruz also noted during the opening remarks, "We had a positive and productive meeting in my office.".

When Cruz asked Jackson why she praised "a provocative thesis that the America that was born in 1776 was not the perfect union it purported to be" during an upcoming lecture at the University of Michigan, Jackson cited the 1619 project as evidence for this thesis.

The Texas senator asked Jackson whether the Declaration of Independence had as one of its purposes to protect slavery.

Jackson acknowledged calling the thesis “provocative,” but then said, “it is not something I’ve studied, it doesn’t come up in my work, I was mentioning it because it was at least at that time something that was talked about and well known to the students I was speaking to at the law school.”

Public school systems across the country continue to use the Times product despite severe criticism from academics and the media.

23 March 2022


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