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Injunction granted against gun ban implemented by Philadelphia mayor

According to a gun rights lobbying group, a Philadelphia judge ruled the city is not entitled to ban guns from parks and recreation facilities.

Philadelphia's Court of Common Pleas judge Joshua H. Roberts issued a permanent injunction against the ban and permanently enjoined the city from enforcing it.

A Democrat mayor in Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, banned firearms from all city-owned recreational facilities in September, stating it was crucial to take steps to make sure Philadelphia's recreation facilities were "safe places for children and the entire community to come together."

It also cited the Sept. 9 death of Tiffany Fletcher, an employee of the Mill Creek Recreation Center in West Philadelphia. Fletcher was shot and killed while working, the order said.

The executive order stated that since 2019, nearly 300 reported shooting incidents have occurred at city recreation facilities, in addition to dozens of other incidents of violence with a deadly weapon.

4 October 2022


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