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Following a drop in performance, the British company pulls COVID-19 off the market

According to a statement posted Monday, the Avacta Group has temporarily ceased sales of its COVID-19 lateral flow test in order to replace the antibody in the device and guarantee that the device's performance in detecting the Omicron variation is comparable to that of prior strains.

In a press statement, the business started, "Our dedication to exclusively deliver high quality, high-performance diagnostic tests has led us to the prudent choice to suspend all advertising of the AffiDX® lateral flow antigen test." Omicron has been detected in patient samples using Avacta's AffiDX antigen assay, but only in situations when the viral level is high.

The antibodies, which were used in the test in conjunction with a proprietary solution, identify Omicron with the same sensitivity as the Delta version but are impacted by the extra Omicron mutations. According to the article, the corporation is now working to replace the antibody in order to improve its detection of the current variation.

11 Jan 2022


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