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Donald Trump Speaks at Moms for Liberty National Summit

In a much-anticipated event, former President Donald Trump took the stage today at the Moms for Liberty National Summit, held at a packed venue in the nation's capital. The event, which aims to promote parental rights and educational freedom, attracted a significant number of attendees from across the country. Capitol Times Media is providing live coverage of the summit, allowing viewers to watch the speech.

The Moms for Liberty National Summit represents an opportunity for parents and advocates of educational choice to come together, share ideas, and mobilize for change. The event has attracted a diverse range of speakers, including prominent conservative figures, grassroots activists, and education experts.

Capitol Times Media's live coverage of the summit allows viewers across the nation to tune in and witness Donald Trump's address in real-time. The news outlet's commitment to providing comprehensive coverage ensures that citizens can stay informed and engaged with the pressing issues facing the nation.


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