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Democrat lawmakers can pass a debt-limit reconciliation plan, but Chuck Schumer is opposed. Source

Chuck Schumer | Photo Credit: New York NOW

Democrats are expected to adopt a debt ceiling reconciliation deal within 2 weeks to avoid a default on the United States' debt on October 18, although Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has opposed the procedure.

A debt-ceiling reconciliation deal may not have been the Dems' first option. However, if indeed the path is chosen, “Senate sources think it can be done in as little as two weeks.” Vote-a-ramas, on the other hand, have no time restriction. In addition, if the Senate approves the deal, the House must vote on it.

The debt ceiling reconciliation strategy might exacerbate Democrat squabbling and, as a result, postpone Biden's huge tax and spend measures in Congress. With the 2022 midterm elections coming up next year, 2021 is an excellent moment for the Biden-Harris government to put its unconventional plans into action. Election years are typically more difficult to enact legislation because politicians' voting records are scrutinized more closely in their particular elections.

Irrespective of the Senate parliamentarian's apparent decision, Schumer stated on Wednesday that the Senate "cannot and it will not go through the stretched and uncertain procedure demanded by the minority leader."

“Last week, the Senate parliamentarian's office secretly issued guidelines on increasing the debt ceiling through reconciliation to both Democrats and Republicans,” Punchbowl News reported Monday.

4 October 2021


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