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Chief of Staff of the White House: Hunter Biden didn't break the law.

In an interview with ABC News on Sunday, White House chief of staff Ron Klain said President Joe Biden believes his son Hunter didn't break the law.

The Biden family and their business relations in China, Ukraine, and other countries have long been a source of controversy.

“Of course the president is confident that his son didn’t break the law,” Klain told ABC News’ “This Week” in response to renewed discussion about his overseas business ties and the content of a laptop hard drive that belongs to him.

Twitter also locked the NY Post's account for more than two weeks, claiming that it published "hacked material." The NY Post broke the laptop story in late 2020 before Twitter, Facebook, and other social media companies responded.

Ron Klain said Biden has had no contact with the Justice Department regarding the laptop.

“The president is confident that his family did the right thing,” Klain told ABC host George Stephanopoulos, former press secretary for President Bill Clinton, on Sunday. “But again, I want to just be really clear. These are actions by Hunter and his brother. They’re private matters. They don’t involve the president. And they certainly are something that no one at the White House is involved in.”

4 April 2022


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