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CDC's conflicting statements on vaccine safety raised by senator

By Office of Senator Ron Johnson -, Public Domain,

U.S. senator Johnson asks CDC to clarify conflicting statements about whether COVID-19 vaccine safety research uses a specific method.

The CDC told Children's Health Defense that it not only did not conduct the analyses, but that the methodology was not within the agency's scope.

There has not been any truth provided to the American people. Therefore, I have completely lost faith in the CDC and other federal health agencies, along with millions of other Americans. Come clean, be transparent, and tell the truth to reestablish their trust and the integrity of your agency," Johnson wrote.

Before asking for information on the CDC's vaccine safety research, he requested Walensky respond immediately to a letter he sent. In addition, he asked how she confirmed whether Dr. Su's statement is true and why the CDC denied conducting the analysis.

27 July 2022


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