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US is closely watching the situation as China does not appear to be preparing an attack on Taiwan

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Mark Milley says China will not attack Taiwan in the near future, but the U.S. is closely watching the situation.

In public speeches, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has mentioned that China will attack the island nation at some point. Milley confirmed that China is clearly developing weapons that could attack the island nation at some point.

When asked by the BBC on Sunday whether he thought China would attack Taiwan, the top U.S. general replied: “There’s no indications or warnings of anything imminent at this time. But again, we watch it very, very closely.”

However, he described the issue of deciding to take action as a political option. “And whether they would or not, it’s a political choice, it’s a policy choice, that will be based off of how the Chinese view the cost-risk benefit at the time.”

Mainland China and Taiwan share a sensitive waterway, the Taiwan Strait. Milley's comments come amid rising tensions across the waterway.

5 July 2022


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