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Trump supports Louisiana Senator John F. Kennedy for Re-Election

Senator John F. Kennedy (R from Los Angeles) won "full and all-out" support from former President Donald Trump on Thursday for his 2022 re-election bid.

“John Kennedy of Great Louisiana is a senator and an amazing person. He is a tireless advocate of the people of his country and strongly supports the forgotten men and women of our country. Strong in energy independence, the military, our veterans, and borders, John enjoys my full and complete support!” Trump said in a statement distributed by him. Political Action Committee Save America.

Kennedy, a senator in his first term, has expressed political views aligned with Trump's agenda in many areas, including immigration, healthcare, and China. The Louisiana senator is also a staunch advocate of life after he sponsored a handful of bills protecting unborn children in the first weeks of Congress 117. He also joined 42 senators in voting for Trump's acquittal in the second. Trial to impeach the former president.

It also introduced legislation to address concerns about the Beijing-backed Confucius Institutes, which is described as "propaganda centers threatening academic freedom and freedom of expression." The bill gives full control over what the Confucius Institute teaches, the activities it can do, the research grants it can receive, and the people it can employ at the universities that host it.


5 March 2021


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