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Texas Announces Special Legislative Session on Voting and Critical Race Theory Bills

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced a special legislative session Tuesday in a bid to pass a measure targeting the state's election laws and regulations, weeks after Democrats blocked the GOP-backed election reform package and the Republicans left the Capitol.

The governor, who is a Republican, did not specify in his Tuesday announcement the legislative priorities that would be included during the special session scheduled to begin on July 8. But Abbott has already said she will ask state lawmakers to work on the election and bail bills. who was assassinated by Democrats when they walked out during the closing hours of the previous legislative session on May 30.

In May, the Texas Senate passed a broad election bill along partisan lines, which at the time resulted in the conviction of top Democrats, as well as Mark Elias, an attorney who has filed a number of election-related lawsuits on behalf of the Democratic Party. Ceremony. Echoing his criticism of Republican-backed election laws in other states, Democrats, including President Joe Biden, said the bill would eliminate voter turnout rates as an attack on democracy.

CTM News

23 June 2021


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