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Russia sanctions not lifted despite ceasefire, says Johnson

Photo Credit: By Ben Shread / Cabinet Office

According to Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson, signing a ceasefire in Ukraine will not be enough to lift the UK's sanctions against Russia.

Prime Minister Johnson told his Cabinet that a ceasefire alone would not trigger removing of the UK's sanctions against Russia, his official spokesman said on Tuesday.

In order to ensure Russia changes course completely, he said pressure must be applied to Putin through economic measures and military aid.

He said a ceasefire alone would not be enough; we would need to take other steps to lower the pressure as well.

The foreign secretary said on March 27 that the sanctions can only be lifted in return for "a ceasefire and withdrawal" and "commitments to no further aggression."

The Secretary of State's remarks are consistent with remarks made recently by her U.S. counterpart, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who has said the travel bans and asset freezes are not designed to last forever, and the sanctions could end if Russia withdraws its troops irreversibly.

30 March 2022


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