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Russia launched 8 cruise missiles on the airport, Zelensky says

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Russian authorities allegedly fired eight cruise missiles at Vinnytsia airport on Sunday, according to national leaders.

According to a video on Twitter, Zelensky said that the attacks were against the city of Vinnytsia, which has never presented a threat to Russia. The airport was completely destroyed by a cynical missile strike."

On Twitter, Kuleba reported that eight Russian cruise missiles hit Vinnytsia, a large city far from the frontline. Attempts to air bombard civilians by the Russian President Vladimir Putin are cowardly and barbaric. Closing the sky is the only way to save lives! We need missile defense, combat aircraft to protect us! We must stop Russian terrorism,””" he said.

The chief of the Vinnytsia regional military administration, Serhiy Borzov, first reported the strikes on social media.

Vinnytsia airport is primarily used for civil purposes, according to the Russian embassy in Israel. Ukrainian military units use the airport as a base of operations and a "dual-purpose" airport.

Russian embassy tweeted that the airport also houses the 456th separate mixed aviation brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. A satellite map was published, showing a Mi-8 helicopter and a camouflaged An-26 aircraft.

6 March 2022


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