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Republicans demand FBI Mar-a-Lago raid affidavit

Former President Donald Trump's Florida house was searched without legal justification, according to an FBI affidavit. Republicans are calling for that document to be made public.

Due to the fact that the Mar-a-Lago raid affidavit has not yet been published, they want to know what convinced the judge to issue the search warrant.

An inventory of seized documents and a search warrant used by the FBI were released last week following the unprecedented raid on Aug. 8. According to the Justice Department, Trump has four top-secret documents and seven other classified documents at his home, and they conducted the search because possible Espionage Act violations were suspected.

In contrast, Trump characterized the raid as "unnecessary and inappropriate," arguing he had declassified every record he took to Florida before leaving office.

Congressmen from both parties are calling for detailed explanations of the FBI's actions, describing it as a "witch hunt" driven by political motives.

15 August 2022


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