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More military aid to Ukraine and tougher sanctions against Russia are being pushed by the UK

UK officials have said they will push for tighter sanctions against Russia and to increase weapons supplies to Ukraine.

Liz Truss will use a trip to Poland this week to call for more sanctions against Russia in the run-up to talks with NATO and G-7 allies later in the week, the Foreign Office announced on Monday.

Ukraine's negotiating position in peace talks must be strengthened by tougher action against Russia, according to the statement.

Truss said: “[Russian President Vladimir] Putin is yet to show he is serious about diplomacy. A tough approach from the UK and our allies is vital to strengthen Ukraine’s hand in negotiations.

The Secretary of State will announce a £10 million ($13 million) civil society fund that will support organisations that work with survivors of sexual violence across the globe, after reports of alleged rapes committed by Russian forces in Ukraine.

4 April 2022


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