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Minority Leader McConnell: Far-left wants to change elections, Senate rules


Prominent Republicans are warning Americans of legislation that could lead Democrats to complete control of the government. On Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) led the indictment against H.R.1, which she would call S.1 when it comes to the Senate.

McConnell claimed that Democrats are pushing the law under the guise of expanding voting rights, but are already trying to broaden their voter base. He and other opponents of the bill said it would restore illegal voting to normal, allowing voters to choose candidates with public ballot papers in the mail.

H.R.1 will also not require people to show their identity in order to vote. Moreover, the legislation would reduce the membership of the Federal Election Commission and make it a tool in the hands of the Democratic National Committee.


24 March 2021


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