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Michigan national team official laughs at the death of Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh. [CREDIT: The New York Times]

A Michigan village chief joked on social media about the death of radio icon Rush Limbaugh, and residents want to be held accountable.

Amanda Pullen, whose father, Charles Boleyn, Fisk's predecessor, was, told the news station, "Frankly, that's not how you represent society."

"I mean, you are in the public eye no matter what happens."

Keira Hilton, who is herself a cancer fighter, created an online petition calling for Fisk's resignation.

"If you are not patriotic enough to contact POTUS about his nonsense during the other 364 days of the year, or wear a mask in the store, concern the lives of black or brown children in cages or wages of poverty or homelessness, then you are not patriotic enough to mourn the events of 9/11."


19 Feb 2021


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