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Marcos meets with US official in Philippines as part of diplomatic push

Washington has been trying to blunt growing Chinese influence in the Asia-Pacific region through a series of trips to regional capitals including Manila to meet with Philippine President-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

After meeting Marcos, Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman tweeted that the two spoke about a range of topics, including the U.S.-Philippines alliance, deepening economic ties, promoting human rights, and supporting a free and open Indo-Pacific.

Human rights groups and pro-democracy groups are alarmed at Marcos' election in a landslide, the son of a longtime dictator who was ousted in 1986.

Following the meeting with Sherman, Marcos’ spokesman Victor Rodriguez said the two had “discussed the importance of deepening the alliance and friendship between the Philippines and the United States, as well as partnering together in order to strengthen the economy between the two countries.”

9 June 2022


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