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Majority of Americans Believe Biden's Reelection Would Represent a Setback or Disaster:Says CNN Poll

In a recent CNN poll, it was revealed that a significant majority of Americans hold reservations about President Joe Biden's potential reelection, with 66 percent of respondents expressing the belief that his victory in the 2024 elections would either be a setback or a disaster for the nation. The findings highlight the challenges President Biden may face in convincing the general public that he deserves a second term.

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The poll, which specifically focused on Biden's 2024 reelection hopes among Democratic primary contenders, indicated that only 33 percent of Americans believed a second term for President Biden would be a step forward or a triumph for the country. These numbers suggest a significant level of skepticism and concern among the American populace regarding the potential outcomes of another Biden presidency.

Despite these reservations, President Biden currently faces limited competition within his own party. The poll indicated that he only has two Democratic primary challengers, both of whom are significantly behind Biden in the race. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. polled at 20 percent, while Marianne Williamson garnered 8 percent of support. Another 8 percent of respondents expressed their inclination to support an unnamed candidate. However, these numbers suggest a lack of significant opposition to Biden within the Democratic Party.

Furthermore, the poll highlighted a decline in President Biden's approval rating over the past six months. In December, 42 percent of respondents approved of Biden's performance, while the figure dropped to 35 percent in May. Additionally, the same poll revealed that Biden's approval rating for his handling of the presidency stood at 40 percent, which is among the lowest for any first-term president at this point in their term since Dwight Eisenhower.

One significant factor affecting President Biden's approval rating is the state of the economy. According to a separate Fox News poll, a staggering 83 percent of voters perceive Biden's economy to be in negative shape, while only 18 percent believe it to be in a positive condition. The economy's perceived negative impact appears to be influencing public sentiment towards the Biden administration and its policies.

As President Biden considers the possibility of seeking reelection, these poll results provide valuable insights into the challenges he may encounter in garnering public support. The majority of Americans expressing concerns and reservations about a second Biden term indicate that he will need to address and alleviate those concerns to convince the public that he deserves another opportunity to lead the country.


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