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Josh Hawley urges congress to reform energy production for a 'full throttle'

In response to rising oil prices and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley announced on Feb. 28 that he would introduce legislation that will reopen energy production in the United States "full throttle."

As Hawley tweeted to announce the bill, he stated that it would "reverse President Biden's shutdown of the American energy sector and bring it back to full production."

“Tomorrow, I will introduce legislation in the Senate to reopen American energy production full throttle and reverse Joe Biden’s disastrous capitulation to our enemies,” Hawley said.

Gas and energy prices have steadily been on the rise in the United States where total gasoline stocks have declined and demand for gas has increased, a factor that experts say is likely to lead to more pain at the pump.

After Germany announced a freeze on Nord Stream 2, President Joe Biden announced sanctions against the company building the pipeline. Approximately 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas would be transported from Russia to Germany every year through the pipelines.

The EU also announced that they would impose "massive and targeted" sanctions against Russia, targeting, among others, its oil, energy and transport sectors.

28 Feb 2022


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