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Johnson & Johnson claims that a single vaccination dose protected against COVID-19 for six months

Johnson & Johnson said in a release Thursday that security against infection from its single-dose vaccine begins to wane only after the fourth month, compared to the second month for two-dose vaccines from rivals Pfizer and Moderna, which use mRNA technology whereas the J&J shot uses an adenovirus, according to a study it sponsored.

The research took place between January 1 and September 7, before the Omicron version was discovered in late November. The study, which was posted in MedRxiv, was not peer-reviewed.

For all three vaccinations, there was no diminishing of safety for ICU hospitalizations, according to J&J. The study was conducted by gathering claims and laboratory data from 168 million people, according to the business.

“We continue to undertake extensive efforts to study the durability of protection offered by the Johnson & Johnson vaccine amidst the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic,” said Mathai Mammen, J&J’s executive vice president of pharmaceuticals, in the news release.

7 Jan 2022


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