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Joe Biden announces new sanctions against Russia and assistance for Ukraine

Photo Credit: BIDEN (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

Biden announced the latest aid package for Ukraine as well as new economic sanctions against Russia on Thursday amid the continuing war between the two countries.

Including 400 new individuals and entities in the list of Russian sanctions, the United States added again to its list of targets. A White House release states that the latest batch includes 48 state-owned defense companies as well as 300 members of the Russian legislature and board members of Russian financial institutions.

Biden has also pledged to provide humanitarian assistance of $1 billion to Ukrainians and those who have fled their homeland, as well as $320 million devoted to "supporting societal resilience and protecting human rights in Ukraine and neighboring countries."

With the NATO summit in June, the alliance will announce additional powers and capabilities, including the establishment of four new battle groups in Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

“Our joint statement today makes clear that NATO is as strong and united as it has ever been,” said Biden in a statement.

24 March 2022


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