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In new book, Paul Manafort says Trump apologized to Ted Cruz

Donald Trump apologized uncharacteristically to Ted Cruz for insulting his wife and father during the 2016 campaign – but the Texas senator refused to endorse him in 2016.

In a new memoir obtained by the guardian, Trump’s then campaign manager, Paul Manafort, writes: “On his own initiative, Trump did apologize for saying some of the things he said about Cruz, which was unusual for Trump.”

Next month, the US edition of Political Prisoner: Persecuted, Prosecuted, but Not Silenced will publish the telling vignette - possibly embarrassing for two powerful Republicans.

As a result of an investigation into Russian election interference and links between Trump and Moscow, Manafort was jailed on tax charges. Manafort did not receive a pardon just before Trump's term ended after being imprisoned on tax charges from the investigation of Russian election interference.

Paul Manafort reveals in his memoir that he indirectly advised Trump in 2020 while imprisoned, denying collusion with Russia, and advocating a second Trump campaign in 2024 while regretting his experiences in the US justice system.

May to August 2016, Manafort handled Trump's election campaign.

1 August 2022


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