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In 2021, strong market Rolls-Royce sales to a new high.

Despite the global coronavirus epidemic, premium automaker Rolls-Royce, a company of Germany's BMW, reported on Monday that sales increased by 49% to a new high in 2021, as demand for luxury vehicles increased globally.

Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-tvös stated in an online presentation that the company sold 5,586 cars to clients in more than 50 countries, the most in the company's 117-year history.

"I don't believe anyone would argue with me if I stated that 2021 was the most turbulent, uncertain, and hard year for businesses overall," Müller-tvös added. "However, the challenge in the luxury industry as a whole was not so much about trying to acquire customers as it was about providing enough product to meet massive client demand."

As a result of pandemic travel limitations, rich customers having more disposable cash in important global markets like China and the United States, premium and luxury car sales have been expanding more generally.

Müller-tvös stated that the carmaker's British facility at Goodwood was close to capacity and that the company's order books were fully booked well into the third quarter of 2022.

11 Jan 2022


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