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If Russia invades Ukraine, there will be "massive consequences, according to the White House

Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned on Sunday that if Russia attacked Ukraine again, it would face "huge consequences," ahead of important negotiations between Washington and Moscow in the coming days.

Officials from Russia and the United States are expected to meet in Geneva on Monday, amid rising tensions over thousands of Russian troops stationed along Ukraine's border. Blinken has stated that the White House is working with Russian President Vladimir Putin on a diplomatic solution.

On Sunday, Blinken told ABC News, "It's apparent that we've offered him two paths forward." "One is through diplomacy and negotiation; the other is through deterrence and severe costs for Russia if its aggression against Ukraine is renewed. And we're ready to put that theory to the test this week by seeing which road President Putin prefers."

Next week, NATO and Russia are expected to meet in Brussels for talks. In Vienna, more seminars are scheduled around the same time.

During interviews on Sunday, the top US diplomat indicated that the Biden management did not expect any advances with Russia on its border position with Ukraine.

10 Jan 2022


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