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I Will Look ‘Very Seriously’ at Pardons for Some Jan. 6 Defendants - President Trump Says

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Trump said Friday he would consider pardoning some of the defendants charged by the federal government in connection with the Jan. 6 incident at the Capitol.

Trump said on Friday in Nashville that if elected, he would consider pardons if he runs for office in 2024.

“And if I become president someday—if I decide to do it—I will be looking at them very very seriously for pardons,” Trump told an audience, as applause and cheers erupted. “They’ve been treated very unfairly.”

Trump said that many of the Jan. 6 defendants had their lives "completely destroyed" and that they were being treated worse than terrorists and murderers despite being charged with partaking in a protest.

A coalition of Republican lawmakers on Thursday blasted the treatment of Jan. 6 detainees, saying it was akin to that of “political prisoners” in authoritarian countries.

18 June 2022


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