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Governor Gavin Newsom Could Appoint Himself Senator

California Governor Gavin Newsom could appoint himself a United States Senator to replace Senator Kamala Harris (of California) if she and Joe Biden are approved as winners in the November presidential election, as he assumes a new position as vice president.

Much speculation has surrounded the question of who Newsom will appoint, with strong pressure to name another "woman of color" or to name the state's first Latino member in the United States Senate. Several other Latinos are already serving in the Senate: Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, for example, on the Republican side, and Senator Bob Menendez and Catherine Cortez Masto on the Democratic side. . . But California hasn't had one yet.

Governor Gavin Newsom can also escape from mounting political problems at home. Currently, under fire for hypocrisy, he and his wife attended a lobbyist's birthday party at the French Laundry earlier this month, violating his state's guidelines on the coronavirus.

CTM News

23 Nov 2020


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