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Fox News denied a CNN report claiming that Fox executives secretly met Biden Admin

21 July 2021

A CNN report, citing unnamed sources, claimed that "there have been regular discussions between the White House and Fox News about the network's coverage of the [COVID-19] pandemic and vaccines.

A Fox News spokesperson said reports that White House officials held high-level talks with Fox Corporation officials are inaccurate.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed Tuesday that the White House has held talks with Fox News about vaccines and the pandemic. However, Psaki did not address the nature of the discussions or the frequency, saying that the Biden government had reached out to other broadcast networks.

Jen Psaki's comments came just days after she and other Biden admin officials publicly accused Facebook of allowing alleged vaccine misinformation to be spread on its platform, a rare rebuke in a statement issued by the tech giant over the weekend.

But President Joe Biden later tried to stop the war of words between Facebook and the White House on Monday after Facebook was accused of "killing people." The president later said he was trying to make a point.


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