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Former VP Pence says he kept no classified information

Pence said that no classified information was taken with him when he left office

According to the FBI's inventory list, seized items from former president Donald Trump's Florida residence were classified and top secret, Pence said in an interview with The Associated Press.

According to Pence, he did not retain any classified materials when he left office, according to an Associated Press reporter. Regarding classified material found in Trump's Palm Beach home, Pence replied, "I honestly don't want to prejudge it before I know all the facts."

In Iowa, the former vice president made the remarks during a two-day trip. Pence will be focusing his attention on supporting Republican candidates in the upcoming midterm elections while he considers running for president in 2024.

American voters won't only choose which party controls the government in 2022, Pence said. Our children and grandchildren will have to decide whether they will live in a society ruled by the freest nations on earth, or in the poverty of socialism! ”””

20 August 2022


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