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Former Captain of the US Navy admits taking nearly $68,000 in bribes

A former U.S. Navy captain agreed to pay nearly $68,000 to a foreign contractor on Wednesday, admitting to bribery.

61-year-old Donald Hornbeck admitted in federal court that he received more than $67,830 in bribes during his time as a Seventh Fleet commander in the Western Pacific while he arranged lavish dinners, parties, and prostitutes for foreign defense contractor Leonard Francis.

He accepted the bribes in exchange for breaching his official duties as an employee of the U.S. Navy, according to a statement from the U.S Attorney's Office.

The Navy has accused Hornbeck, among other officials and defense contractors, of a fraud and bribery scheme that included giving Glenn Defense Marine Asia classified ship schedules, allowing the company to undercut competitors and overcharge for services.

Twenty-nine defendants have pleaded guilty to taking millions of dollars in luxury travel and accommodations, meals, gifts, and prostitute services from Francis in return for serving as middlemen to win contracts for Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA), a Singapore-based company.

3 Fab 2022


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