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Despite slightly different tones, the USA and Italy stand together on Ukraine

Photo Source: By The White House

In the wake of Russia's war in Ukraine, which rages on the eastern flank of Europe, Italian Premier Mario Draghi meets with American President Joe Biden in Washington this week.

During their meeting on Tuesday, Rome and Washington will emphasize their history of friendship and desire to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia's two-month-old invasion. Energy issues, climate change, and promoting global prosperity will be discussed as well.

In addition to its geographical proximity to the fighting, Italy's historical connections to Russia contribute to these differences. Last year, Italy received 20 billion euros in economic trade with Russia, which supplies 40% of its natural gas.

Draghi, a former central banker skilled at measuring his words, is one of the only European Union leaders to visit Washington since the war broke out, and can be expected to represent not only Italy’s perspective, but also that of Europe. His “whatever it takes” posture as the European Central Bank chief famously saved the euro during the currency bloc’s crisis a decade ago.

9 May 2022

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