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Concessions of Ukrainian territory are not ruled out by Biden

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

President Joe Biden says it's best to leave it to Ukrainians to decide whether they cede any territories to Russia after the war between the two countries is resolved.

Russian President Vladimir Putin challenged the legitimacy of Ukrainian statehood and declared two regions within Ukraine - which was previously part of the Soviet Union - to be independent and sovereign. The move followed the speech of the Russian president on the legitimacy of Ukrainian statehood.

Biden was asked whether Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will need to cede any Ukrainian territory in order for a ceasefire with Russia following an emergency NATO summit Thursday. Russia continues to attack Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities.

As a response, Biden said, "That's totally predicated on Ukraine." He also repeated a White House policy slogan: "Nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine."

“I don’t believe that they’re going to have to do that, but that’s a judgment—There’s negotiations, discussions I should say, that have taken place and I’ve not been part of, including Ukrainians. And it’s their judgment to make,” the president said.

Earlier in the week, Zelenskyy called for direct talks with Putin, saying that he was ready to discuss a cease-fire, the withdrawal of Russian troops, and assurances about Ukraine's security in exchange for a commitment from Ukraine not to seek NATO membership.

25 March 2022


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