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California's heavy Democratic voting district sends mixed signals during primary elections

California is one of the last bastions of Democratic rule, but the primaries may have exposed some cracks.

Gavin Newsom, the Democratic governor, and other top Democrats are expected to come out on top this fall in statewide races where they will be heavily favored. The California legislature appears to remain firmly in Democratic hands.

Los Angeles' progressive district attorney, however, can expect problems in the wake of the recall election of San Francisco's top prosecutor. A recent poll shows billionaire Republican-turned-Democrat Rick Caruso is leading in the race to become Los Angeles mayor, a sign of frustration with crime and homelessness that will influence other races.

Los Angeles and San Francisco have long been in the vanguard of progressive politics. But results Tuesday suggested voters who might lean toward lofty ideals also want results on the street.

Congress will be controlled by a string of close races in Orange County and the Central Valley.

9 June 2022


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