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California beaches have been blocked due to a 'disastrous' oil spill that is endangering animals

(Image credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Southern California's temperatures soared on Sunday, but Huntington State Beach was bereft of the umbrellas and beach blankets that normally line its coastline. The spill is assumed to have started in a 17.5-mile pipeline lying 80-100 feet beneath the ground off the coast of Orange County. The pipeline links to an oil supply system called Elly, which is linked to a drilling platform called Ellen by a walkway. Amplify Energy Corp., located in Houston, owns the platforms and another adjacent platform in federal seas.

According to experts, the oil would most likely continue to wash up on the coast for many days, affecting Newport Beach and other surrounding areas.

The recent leak has impacted a number of vulnerable and endangered species, including the snowy plover, the California least tern, and humpback whales.

4 October 2021


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