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Biden will ask Congress for more funding for Ukraine

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

President Joe Biden announced on April 21 that the United States will provide $1.3 billion in military and economic assistance to the Ukraine as it battles off the Russian invasion. Congress will still need to provide more funding to the beleaguered country, he said.

Putin will never succeed in occupying or dominating Ukraine, Biden says after a new phase of fighting is expected in Ukraine's eastern Donbas region.

Biden says it's "questionable" that Russian forces control the southern city of Mariupol, and Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed victory in the battle for Mariupol, a claim that Ukrainian officials have rejected.

As part of the new funding, Biden says $800 million will be used to provide 72 155mm howitzers with 144,000 artillery rounds and trucks to transport the weapons. In addition, there will be 121 Phoenix Ghost tactical drones. The other $500 million is intended to stabilize the Ukrainian economy through direct assistance.

22 April 2022


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