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Biden and Obama's Secret Meetings Reflect Democratic Desperation for 2024

In a revealing report from New York Magazine, it has come to light that President Biden and former President Barack Obama have been holding private meetings to strategize how to safeguard their legacy against the potential return of former President Trump in the 2024 election. The story, titled "What Obama is Whispering to Biden," sheds light on the urgency and anxiety within the Democratic Party as they face a challenging and uncertain political landscape.

Obama, known for his eloquence and strategic mind, has been deeply involved in these discussions. According to the report, he has expressed genuine concern about the upcoming election, a sentiment echoed by many top Democrats. One of Obama's friends mentioned, "His anxiety about the election is real," underscoring the gravity of the situation. This concern, however, is not born out of animosity towards Biden but from a realistic assessment of the country's fractured political and media environment.

It's noteworthy that Obama has been careful not to publicly criticize Biden or his campaign. He understands that any negative remarks would only serve to undermine the Democratic Party's efforts. Instead, Obama has been working behind the scenes, leveraging his influence and experience to bolster Biden's chances. This includes persuading Biden's campaign leaders to significantly increase their digital budget in 2020 and bringing on board influential figures like Steven Spielberg to enhance the campaign's reach and appeal.

The former president's involvement highlights a broader issue within the Democratic Party: the recognition that the 2024 race is likely to be a closely contested and potentially volatile election. Despite Biden's incumbency, the specter of a Trump comeback looms large, and the Democrats are acutely aware of the need for a robust and dynamic campaign to counter this threat.

While some may view these secretive meetings as a sign of strength and preparedness, they also reflect a deeper sense of desperation. The Democratic Party is clearly rattled by the prospect of facing Trump again, and their strategies suggest a lack of confidence in Biden's ability to secure a decisive victory on his own. This nervousness is not entirely unfounded, given the current political climate and the challenges Biden's administration has faced.

The private nature of these discussions also raises questions about transparency and the influence of behind-the-scenes power brokers in shaping political campaigns. As Obama continues to play a pivotal role in the background, it is essential for the public to scrutinize the extent of his involvement and the implications it has for the democratic process.

The secret meetings between Biden and Obama underscore the high stakes of the 2024 election and the Democratic Party's recognition of the formidable challenge posed by Trump. While these efforts may bolster Biden's campaign, they also reveal a party grappling with internal anxieties and a lack of confidence in its own leadership. As the election approaches, it will be crucial for voters to stay informed and critically assess the strategies and motivations of those vying for power.

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Mary, this has never been an BIDEN Presidency. This has always been Obama's 3rd Term. All the people making decisions are from OBAMA's term in office. The main focus has been to keep TRUMP from running. It is not surprising that OBAMA is a more than a bit concerned about the upcoming election since he knows TRUMP will undo all the OBAMA policies. This may be a repeat of the REGAN win.


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