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Are Congress' gun control plans going to change after Sandy Hook, Buffalo, and Uvalde?

Following the Texas school massacre, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer swiftly moved to pass a pair of background-check bills. Despite this, the Democrat acknowledged that Congress had rebuffed previous legislation designed to curb gun violence in this country.

A gun control legislation is not yet scheduled for a vote, despite Schumer's plea to his Republican colleagues to set aside the powerful gun lobby and come to a compromise bill.

He threw up his hands at the idea of what might seem an inevitable outcome: “If the slaughter of schoolchildren can’t convince Republicans to buck the NRA, what can we do?”

“Please, please, please damnit - put yourselves in the shoes of these parents just for once,” Schumer said as he opened the Senate.

Uvalde, Texas, elementary school massacre shows that the U.S Congress has not been willing or able to pass major legislation to curb gun violence in the country. At least 19 children plus a teacher were killed.

25 May 2022


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