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After Walmart, Amazon has reduced COVID-19 paid leave for US workers to 40 hours

After regulation changes by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, another large private business in the United States has reduced COVID-19 paid leave for its employees (CDC).

In a Jan. 7 notification to workers, Inc., the second-largest private employer in the United States, stated its COVID-19 paid leave had been cut to a maximum of 40 hours. The company's COVID-19 paid leave for self-isolation was up to 10 days before the announcement.

The statement states, "After evaluating the newly released recommendations from the CDC, we are changing Amazon's COVID-19 isolation and quarantine policy to one week (seven calendar days) from when you took the test, with up to 40 hours paid vacation," according to The Epoch Times. "This change takes effect immediately and applies to all US workers, regardless of immunization status."

On Jan. 4, days before Amazon, Walmart Inc., the nation's biggest private employer, revealed that it was decreasing its COVID-19 paid leave from two weeks to one week.

10 Jan 2022


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