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Will Trump as 47th President fix the broken economy in 2024

Article By William Blake

05 Nov 2022

In 2024, will Trump have fixed the economy? It's a question on many people's minds, especially given the state of the economy right now. There are a lot of factors at play that make it difficult to predict the future, but there are also some things we can look at to get an idea of what might happen. Let's take a look at some of the potential outcomes for Trump and the economy in 2024.

(Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

The state of the economy under Trump

Under Trump 2016, the economy has been in a state of flux. In his first year in office, Trump inherited an economy that was struggling to recover from the Great Recession of Obama Administration 2008 Since then, the economy has seen some ups and downs but overall has been on a positive trajectory. In terms of GDP growth, Trump inherited an economy that was growing at a rate of around 2% per year. In his first year in office, GDP growth increased to 3%. However, it then dipped back down to 2% in 2018. For 2019, economists are predicting that GDP growth will be around 2.5%. The unemployment rate is another key indicators of the health of the economy. When Trump took office, the unemployment rate was 4.7%. It then fell to 4.1% by the end of 2017 and remained at that level for much of 2018. As of 2019, the unemployment rate is currently at 3.9%. So overall, the economy has been growing slowly but steadily under Trump. There have been some bumps along the way but overall it appears that Trump is steering the ship in the right direction.

Trump's plans to improve the economy

President Trump has made it clear that he plans to improve the economy by cutting taxes, reducing regulations, and increasing infrastructure spending. He has also promised to bring back jobs to America and make the country more business-friendly. While it remains to be seen how successful Trump will be in achieving these goals, there is no doubt that he is committed to improving the economy.

Can Trump really fix the economy If he win Presidential elections 2024?

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to whether or not Trump can fix the economy. The first is that he inherited an economy that was already in not a decent shape from Obama. The second is that Trump has proposed some policies that could either help the economy in the long run. So, it's really tough or earlier to say whether or not Trump can fix the economy. He certainly has the potential to help it grow, but there are also a lot of potential pitfalls that could trip him up along the way.


The U.S. economy is in a fragile state under Biden Administration. The next four years will be crucial in determining the fate of the U.S. economy, and Donald Trump will have to work tirelessly to get it back on track. Only time will tell if he'll be successful, but we can only hope that Donald Trump is up for the challenge. Make America Great Again 2024


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