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White House staff turnover leads to 'great resignation'

During her third on-camera farewell in less than 24 hours, new White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters, "I promise we will have a press shop." She further stated, "Not everyone is leaving."

The White House complex has seen the same dynamic this month - and it is further proof that not even the White House is immune to what has been called "the great resignation", as employers struggle to fill vacancies and employees jump to new jobs at record rates.

While President Joe Biden is approaching his 18-month mark in office, the administration has experienced unusually high staff turnover. Both the senior staff and the more numerous junior aides who work in the White House are feeling the effects of long hours, low morale, and relatively low pay.

Some of it is by design. As is customary, White House staff were told to leave by July or to wait to depart until after the November elections, according to current and former officials.

9 June 2022

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