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'We have never looked at sanctions like this before: the U.S. reviewing sanctions against Russia

Photo Credit: chuck holton

If President Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine, the US will inflict sanctions and economic consequences "the likes of which we have not looked at before," according to the US Department of Defense's top spokesperson.

"I believe we've been very explicit with Mr. Putin about the economic ramifications that may befall him and the Russian people if he continues to engage... invasion within Ukraine," Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told Fox News Sunday.

“I think we’ve been very, very clear that we’re going to look at sanctions and economic consequences, the likes of which we have not looked at before even considering even as far back as 2014,” he added.

Kirby also stated that Russia might attack Ukraine "at any time" and that Putin has a variety of options for doing so, including large-scale or small-scale actions.

In December, Russia asked that NATO refuse Ukraine and other former Soviet republics' membership, as well as a reduction in NATO troop deployments in Central and Eastern Europe.

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