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Washington concerned about Chinese influence after US-Israel tech talks

On Sept. 28, Israel and the United States conducted the first meeting of their new "U.S.-Israel Strategic High-Level Dialogue on Technology" initiative. This initiative aims to build a partnership on emerging and critical technologies between the two nations.

Based on a White House Fact Sheet released on Sept. 30, the countries agreed to support the implementation of a "trustworthy AI in healthcare," as well as "fair AI-driven health systems" and increased research capabilities to test the effects of medical treatments and medicines. Additionally, AI will be explored to develop seeds that are more tolerant of climate change, including new crop varieties.

“The joint research with the US has been only 19 percent of Israel’s research with other countries, as opposed to 56 percent for Europe,” said Farkash-Hakohen, Israel’s minister for Innovation, Science and Technology, according to a Sept. 29 press release by Israel’s foreign ministry.

“Good partners and allies, like Israel and the US, need and can take significant steps to increase the scope of the joint research that constitutes the basis for high-tech and that is what we are currently doing.”

A Memorandum of Understanding will be signed between Israel and the United States next month to enhance cooperation in biomedical research. Together, they will work on pandemic preparedness and global health security.

In addition to hydrogen energy and solar energy, climate change technology initiatives will include predicting extreme weather and disaster risk reductions, and working together to supply battery companies.

3 October 2022


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